The 3SIXTY5 journey of Sophie Nordenhed

Sophie Nordenhed (26) is born in a small town in Sweden, but a while ago she decided to change her environment and move to Amsterdam. She is really into fitness and eating healthy because of 3 big benefits. Focus, confidence and an improved of sleep quality.

Sophie study’s a master in Strategic Management at RSM (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University) and works a bit on the side with social media. In her free time she likes to workout, read about spirituality and psychology and spend time with the people she loves. This usually ends in going out for food and wine, she says with a big smile.

Enjoying such opposite things made her struggle with finding the right balance regarding her fitness. 3SIXTY5 Personal Training provided her structure and a good balance between health and pleasure. 

“I like the way 3SIXTY5 approaches you as an individual and makes sure your specific goals and needs are met, you feel seen by each trainer and they are all doing their utmost to make sure you’re challenged, yet comfortable at the same time.

“At 3SIXTY5, it feels like you’re coming in to see a friend, and you know your trainer will have full focus on you and your progress. That comfort of being 100% yourself combined with the focus is so powerful. I love it!

“Besides my sessions with 3SIXTY5 I do pilates at PLTS or yoga and try to go for a run. I like the variation and setting different goals with different types of training. It makes things more exciting and gives me an all-round fitness that I enjoy very much. This became clearer to me when I gained more structure in my strength & mobility training with 3SIXTY5.”

“I love to come to the 3SIXTY5 studio and not having to think about which exercises to pick, my trainer just tells me what to do, corrects my technique and gives me the little push I need.”

My favorite exercise is hip-thrusts, no doubt, because I’m getting stronger and improve quickly with it. I also like to train my upper body more since I started with 3SIXTY5. Before I didn’t know how much to work my upper body as a female. Now I’m starting to like it! I think my least favorite exercise is Bulgarian split squat with quad focus. It’s just… ugh. But when I see the results, it is definitely worth it ?.

Sophie: “I eat everything, but in moderation. I love that I learned to trust myself with that. The 3SIXTY5’ers really coach me on the whole of wellness & fitness.”

“I eat everything, but in moderation. In general my diet is filled with whole foods, greens and fruits. Sometimes I crave fatty and sugary foods, and then… I just eat it! My 3SIXTY5 coach has really made clear to me how you keep a balance between healthy, and unhealthy food choices. This allows me to eat basically everything, which will make me able to stick to the plan on a long term.
And of course I love to have a glass of wine with friends, who doesn’t? Just make sure you show up to the gym the next day. I try to keep a 80-20 split in my diet and I learned to better keep track of this since I’m with 3SIXTY5.”

“I will spend the coming months looking for jobs and preparing for interviews. I have vague plans on starting my own company somewhere in the future. I’m quite into the both individual and collective mental- and physical health so maybe something along those lines. We will see, I’m excited!”

“I will certainly continue working towards my health and fitness goals with the best trainers of team 3SIXTY5! I highly recommend it to everyone, it’s the ultimate self-love.”

3SIXTY5 offers premium personal training and coaching and has 3 private studio’s in Amsterdam and Abcoude.

The very well educated personal trainers are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help you become the best version of yourself. Every client get’s a 1-on-1 approach in training as well as nutrition and minset.


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