Our Mission & Story


Why do we do what we do? It is our drive to help people achieve their physical (and sometimes mental) goals. To allow them to realise, maximise and benefit from the full potential of their own body and health. We improve our clients’ quality of life. It is our goal to enable you to be the best version of yourself. We want to help you achieve a significant and sustainable improvement of your quality of life, health, body weight and fitness level. We aim to effect an even bigger change than you dared to hope for yourself. For the past fifteen years, this has been our drive in everything we do.


Based on your goals and wishes, we will work together to draw up a tailor-made fitness plan for you. This plan is based on the four essential pillars of fitness:
1) Training
2) Nutrition
3) Motivation/mindset
4) Lifestyle

We want this plan to work. We want you to achieve your goals and wishes. That is why we will seek the right balance between effectiveness and feasibility together. We will also set intermediate goals on the path to the ultimate goal to keep you motivated along the way. We are aware that in order to achieve long-term results, the plan must fit into your life. Apart from that, we make sure our programme is not just highly effective, but also fun. This will help to keep you motivated as you work towards your goals.


Contact moments between trainers and clients occur during the training sessions in our private gyms. We will also meet there for the interviews, nutrition plans and measurements. Everything we do takes place in a one-on-one setting and by appointment only. You will not find a packed gym filled with groups of sweaty people at 3SIXTY5. We have three luxury private gyms that are frequented by like-minded people.

Every client will be assigned their own head coach at 3SIXTY5. This Personal Trainer will be your first point of contact and they will work with you to draw up all (nutrition) plans, set goals and track your progress. We will set a weekly training frequency and get to work.

We will try to make things as fun as possible and keep you motivated at all times, while you get to do what is best for your body.


We are called 3SIXTY5 for a reason. Our brand name is actually inspired by feedback from our clients. It acts as both our trade name and a summary of our philosophy.

Guy van der Reijden, our founder and owner, started out as a Strength & Conditioning Trainer working with top athletes. Guy has been an independent entrepreneur since the age of 25. In 2005, he began coaching other clients in addition to top athletes, which suddenly turned him into a Personal Trainer (a concept which did not yet exist in the Netherlands). His business was called CoachGuy. That is what some of his clients called him and it had a nice ring to it: CoachGuy, Be The Best You Can Be. The trade name was born.

There was just one problem: when things got busier and busier a year later and it became high time to hire more people, the name was no longer good enough. Jelle (Guy’s first colleague) could hardly operate under the name of “CoachJelle.” Since his clients had come up with the name CoachGuy, Guy thought it would be a good idea to ask those same clients to think up a new name for the growing business.

Some of our clients told us that it felt like we were always there for them, every day of the year. That is how the name 3SIXTY5 was born. It is both our trade name and a reflection of our core philosophy. When you are training with us, we will always be there for you.

The holidays are a perfect example of this. Since we are called 3SIXTY5, we are open all year round. Even if you decide not to come in for a workout on a holiday, we will still be working for you.

Because our roots lie in the top sports sector, we approach every client as if they too were a top athlete. We do not simply start working out; instead, we closely examine your baseline level, set goals together and then draw up an effective plan. That is why we achieve such good results, even with people who are not physically fit to begin with. And of course we do our best to make the whole process fun and challenging along the way.

Here is a great example: when Dutch athlete Sven Kramer starts his training for a new skating season with the goal of winning an Olympic gold medal, he does not simply start skating without a specific plan in mind. A goal without a plan is just a wish.